Every Door Direct Mail: Inexpensive Solution for Small Businesses and Political Campaigns


Every door direct mail is USPS cheap and the most effective mail marketing solution for targeting nonprofit organizations and businesses with affordable direct mail services. You can also target local marketing mailings for $.140 cents for every piece. EDDM is the strategy which produces high returns on small investment. This is easy and simple and you can take advantage of the cheap direct mail service which is offered by the local post office. You never need bulk mail permits and address imprinting or the mailing lists. You can pick the zip codes, mile radius and the quantity of the mails. Your message should go to every residential address or business in that city, zip codes or mile radius according to your choice.

Every Door Direct Mail

The small businesses and political campaigns can customize mailings to the ideal demographics at a very small fraction of the direct mail marketing cost. The rules for USPS service are very simple which will make your company get noticed. The size of each piece is 6 X 9 inches. You can also select large standard sizes of 11 X 6, 8 X 11 or 11 X 17. All these sizes will cost the same $.140 cents. The large sized postcards can be easily printed on heavy postcard stock. The weight for each piece is 3.3oz. You can also mail catalogs and brochures when it meets the EDDM retail.

Size of the Advertisement Cards

The size of the billboard cards can make your message unique and distinctive. These are of tremendous value. A 6 X 11 full color postcard is nearly 200% larger than the standard 4 X 6 and you can get it only at $.09 cents. You can mail the bulk cards to your businesses in the mail carrier’s route. When zip code has several routes and every route contains 300 to 600 businesses and homes, this will allow you to reach at reasonable costs.

You need to pick your zip code and select the best demographics in that zip code. You can also go for the map that fits your target market. In order to make things easier, USPS EDDM site will generate the necessary paperwork at the post office. You can omit all businesses and mail your homes with endorsement to the local residential customer.

EDDM Program is Very Profitable 

The maximum quantity allowed in EDDM program is 5,000 per day at one post office. You can deliver through the other post offices if you haven’t exceeded 5000 cards. This is the post which are not bat all overloaded with EDDM mail.

Basically, the home and small businesses should not print your flyers on their home color printer. The card stock that’s required is too thick and can jam and break your printer. The tones are also very expensive considering the quantity you require to print. In doing so, the quality will be poor compared to the other online color printing services.

The bottom line is that the mailing lists are quite expensive and are not accurate. Sorting out the mails is a pain and the money which you save in postage fees will help pay the mortgage.

With the upcoming elections, EDDM is effective and inexpensive campaign strategies which can be used keep the contributors, voters and customers up-to-date. This is an ideal method as you can use the photos and say some interesting story. EDDM will also attract the volunteers in order to help your campaign. Online campaigning is very important but if the voter wishes to visit your email or site never gets read. So, you have a very little impact on undecided and independent voters. While printing designed mailing piece to your targeted market, it can be very effective and will produce voters which have never been considered as supporters.

EDDM is best for small businesses. Using EDDM will allow small businesses to get success very easily. It’s very easy to target various areas and see the measurable results from every mailing. With the right call to action, this is the most fantastic opportunity for increasing business with the existing and new customers quickly.Direct Marketing


EDDM Postcards for Real Estate

If you are in the business of Real Estate, then you have to contact your target market directly. Every door direct mail is an effective form of marketing. You should know that mailing the postcards will be expensive.

Being a Real Estate agent you will have to attract new customers to your business. Today, this has become very popular in the Internet. When the Internet has its place, this will certainly help you to win the game in terms of affordability. United States Postal Service can change the game with their new EDDM program.

Every door direct mail will no longer rent costly mailing lists. Just you have to select the area you wish to market and drop off the number of postcards to the post office. Moreover, you can save big on postage which just 14 cents per piece.

This is a very simple process. You have to log into your business account on US Postal Service website. You have to pick your target market by the zip code. You have to follow the steps provided and can print necessary paperwork.

Easiest way for Delivering Your Message

EDDM is very cheap and a very easy way for announcing a short sale and new listings to your specific local area. Depending on the postcards, you can spread your marketing over a couple of months. So, door direct marketing is a great new program offered by the US Post Office.  You should be careful while buying real estate postcards as you have to choose the proper size. An EDDM program has certain size restrictions. So, the easiest way for buying these postcards is to take help of the company which offers EDDM postcards where you can browse through well-designed templates.

There are several businesses who think online marketing as an alternative for printing direct and advertising mail. With so much spam on the Internet today, it’s quite difficult to grab the attention of the customers in this medium. With the help of this program, the customers can save the mail piece from one tangible postcard.

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