Market Your Salon with Business Postcards

Today, almost anyone can design a postcard. All you need to do is go online, find a printing company which specializes in creating a postcard design, click a few buttons and you have your postcard design ready. It is easy to create your own postcards in high quality and with flawless design. There are a lot of hair salons, spas and beauty product stores going around.


This is why you need to stay ahead of the rest in the competition. Marketing materials can offer you an edge when you are in the beauty business. If the printing is done rightly, it can keep you ahead of the rest in the competition. This can really offer you an edge in the beauty industry. If the postcard is well-printed, you can come up with a good clientele.


Suggestions to Incorporate in Your Postcards and Brochures


The following tips can help in increasing your promotional collateral:


  • Highlight a New Service: Whether you are an ace in trending haircuts or in offering hot nail art designs, you should let your customers know about the special services that your salon provides through custom brochure and postcards. The postcards should give them the details of what is on offer. Tell them how the service will benefit them, the requirements of the process and the desirability of the results. Include the costs and contact details so that your clients can make an appointment with the stylists.


Catalog Printing
Catalog Printing
  • Target New Clients: If there are clients coming in for the first time for a pedicure or for a haircut, postcards can give them the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the services provided at the salon, so that they are keen to visit your salon for beauty maintenance services in the future. The design of the marketing material should let them know a little about your business philosophy and talented staff. Mention the features of your salon, your product lines and elaborate the services offered.


  • Do a Photo Op: Make the most of the postcard design by highlighting your stylish salon with photographs of the staff and services provided. If your customers are not fond of the hairstyles they see on their employees, they will not trust your services. While this might seem cheesy, a group photograph or action shots of hair stylists at their job might be the best way for representing your salon in a postcard or brochure. You may even use before and after photos of clients.


  • Advertise with Your Promotions: Savings can provide you with the incentive to bring in customers to your salon. Provide your potential and present customers a reason to come and see you with savings and coupons that are found on your postcards and brochures. Feature a certain product line or service to target customers with promotions about that hairspray or haircut, or anything relevant.


Postcard printing and designing is a great point of sale method that can bring in people for availing your products and services. With the above postcard designing tips, you can see major changes in your business soon enough. With the modern day businesses getting a lot of scope in expanding their services and marketing them using various kinds of promotional materials, you can always design a postcard in the language of your target audience. You can even compare the design of your postcard with other designs and make the pertinent changes on the basis of what you want to include or not.


These changes will help in getting the postcard or brochure you are looking for. If you are pleased with what your design will look like, you may go ahead with the printing part. Most people understand the benefits of postcard printing and the role they play in introducing your business to a potential client. This is why a lot of thought should go into the production of a business postcard. Before doing the next card design, you should not forget to check out the various types of available templates.


Strategies to Use in Postcard Marketing


There are different kinds of beauty salon marketing strategies that you can take up for increasing sales and finding customers. Despite the various advancements that are being made in the field of marketing, postcards still continue to be one of the most popular. Even then, people make incorrigible mistakes while planning their salon postcards. One of the most puzzling questions is about the information that you should provide. A few owners do not know whether they should include prices of their products. The choice really depends on their availability. Prices are recommended if you want to provide comprehensive information, but at the same time it also means that you are losing out to your competitors as consumers often look for the cheapest rates.


In that case, you need to make sure that you are able to communicate with the people to influence their choices. There are a lot of ways through which this can be carried out. As potential customers may not have received your postcards, make sure that you include enticing and attractive information on the material. Do not offer the prices of each service as it will let them dismiss you immediately. Offer them your contact details to allow them to talk to you and get all the information they might need. Other than the telephone and other contact numbers, you may even offer online customer service using email support and live chat.


A few shop owners are wary of using brochures and postcards in marketing their beauty salon as they are not sure about the production costs and expenses they are required to take for disseminating them. One of the best ways of doing it free of cost is by adopting a charity and allowing them to distribute them for you. Set aside a certain part of your income and they will do the needful in making your salon grow. Using these brochures and postcards, you can make sure that people come to know about your services.