Flyer Printing Online – Digital or Offset?

Flyer Printing Online – Digital or Offset?


If you happen to own a business, you will frequently require flyer printing online services. you will also realize the need to get flyers and other items printed online for you in a time and cost efficient manner. The world of business is busy and at the same time extremely stressful. Hence, if the normal daily chores become easier, your employees and business will find them simplified too. They will appreciate an efficient and better service that they can use quickly and reliably. However, it is not very easy to find a printer that can satisfy this brief. However, if you consider the services that exist, it can be an elaborate process.


Offset Booklet Printing
Offset Booklet Printing

Get the Best from Your Printer


Are you concerned with speed? For instance, are you considering how swiftly this printing service can turn around an order? Is it the cost of the printing that is most suited to your needs? Are you looking for paramount quality? Check whether the printing services company can produce very high standards across the board. The best printer will be a combination of all these aspects with high speed turnaround, reduced or discounted rates and excellent quality of print runs. It is a perfect combination of expertise and quality.


With the flyer printer getting close to this optimum level of service, there are high chances that they will be able to maintain their clients better. A lot of printing services offer great deals to secure future business. Mostly, the prices are cheaper than they used to be although the level and quality of output stay the same. Every client has specific needs, but they look for a flyer printing online that offers similar services. The printers have special printing capabilities and understand all about the process of creating and uploading the artwork online.


Some providers also concentrate on excellence of value and on offering wonderful service so that they come back. After retaining this custom for a period of time, the printers look forward to offering attractive discounts and reward customers’ loyalty with better deals with the growth of their business relationship. Word of mouth recommendation is great and leads to better reviews from existing customers.


The Battle between Digital and Offset Printing


With the rise of digital printing technology, technical advancements have been made. Today, there are more options and interesting new features in commercial printing. This has also led to some confusion. For this, you need to understand the difference between digital printing and how these compare with traditional offset lithography. Offset lithography is very common as a high volume commercial printing technology. What happens here is that the desired print image is burned onto a plate and transferred (or offset) from the plate to a rubber blanket.


The lithographic process depends on the repulsion of water and oil. The image that will be printed gets ink from the ink rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a film of water, keeping the non-printing areas free from ink. Digital Printing eliminates a lot of the mechanical steps that are required for conventional printing, such as making color proofs manually stripping together the pieces and making plates.


Benefits of Digital Flyer Printing Online


  • Brief turnaround
  • All the prints are the same with more of accurate counts, less waste and lesser variations since balance ink and water are not present during the press run.
  • Cheap low volume printing is available. While the unit cost per piece might be higher than what is available with offset printing, inclusion of setup costs provides lower per unit rates for very small print runs.


Variable Data Printing is a type of flyer printing online that allows you to customize your prints. Using information from an external file or database, graphics and text can be changed on each piece without slowing down or stopping the press. For instance, you can print personalized letters with a different name and address on every letter. This technique is commonly used for direct marketing, advertising and customer relationship development.


Benefits of Offset


  • Better image quality
  • It can work on a variety of printing surfaces such as cloth, wood, leather, metal, plastic and rough paper
  • The cost per unit reduces as the quantity increases
  • Cost effective and quality are guaranteed in high volume projects. While the digital presses of the present day are close to the cost benefit ratio of offset due to high quality output, they cannot compete with the volume that is produced with an offset press.
  • A lot of modern offset presses use computer-to-plate systems as against the older computer-to-film work flows, thus increasing quality further.


Aspects that Distinguish both the Methods


  • Quantity: There is a front end cost load for offset printing. Shorter runs can have a high unit cost, although with the increase in quantity, the cost per unit reduces in offset printing. Having very short runs can be more cost effective where digital printing is concerned, whereas larger quantities tend to have a reduced cost per unit with offset printing.


  • Print Medium: Are you looking for a special paper, finish, unique size or unusual printing surface? The options are always more for digital flyer printing online, although offset still offers maximum flexibility.


  • Color: Digital presses use the four color process printing. In case you need only black ink or just a couple of colors, offset might be more cost effective. For 4 color printing, digital offers better benefits when it comes to reduced upfront costs. Pantone offers the best match because there is better variation. In digital printing, the color is simulated using a four color process, and this is why a few digital printers might provide less accurate color matching output.


  • Turnaround: Digital prints offer quicker delivery.


  • Proofing: More accurate proofs are available with digital printing as you see the actual sample of the piece that is being printed. Accurate color proof for offset printing can be expensive.


  • Customization: Digital printing offers a very affordable way of customizing your marketing materials, letters and direct mail pieces.