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            Custom mug printing


            THE SHARPIE COFFEE MUG DESIGN/PRINT -Two layers of oil-based paint sharpie and let dry for 2 hrs. place mug in cool oven set oven to 350 degrees let the mug bake for 30 mins. Do it a second time after the oven has cooled.  Because firing it twice can help the sharpie design set a little better. It is also critical to allow the mug to cool with the oven so the ceramic doesn’t break. After the mug has cooled completely and dried spray with 2 coats of ACSS you can use any brand although its suggested to use Krylon brand that says “moisture resistant”

            PICTURE COFFEE MUG DESIGN/PRINT –  first select mug. Think about how the color of the mug will handle the superimposed picture. you will also want to look at the best and most simple ceramic mugs that will support the image transfer to make the process easier/simpler
2 find your picture. in order to transfer the picture on to the mug you will need the right size of the photo for the mug. Look through your pictures and find the ones that will help fashion the mug best.
3 Print photos on to special paper- A specialized paper product allows for image transfer onto hard surfaces those who are experienced with them call it transfer paper or decal paper.
4 fix the image to the mug surface- Often this includes applying some sort of moisture to the decal paper the paper you buy should have specific instructions on how to transfer the picture/image on to the mug/s
5 Seal the image – you will want to seal the image so that way it does not come off during washing two popular methods are either heating the mug to seal it or using a clear resin to coat the mug and seal in the picture.


-how mug printing was started
-some mug varieties
TYPES OF MUGS – shaving mugs and scuttles(was designed/developed around the 19th century with the first patent for a shaving mug dating to 1867 as hot water wasn’t common in many households, one way to provide hot lather was to use a scuttle or mug.), Decorative mugs, tiki mugs (are usually ceramic, drinking vessels originating in the mid 20th century tropical themed restaurants and tiki bars. The term tiki mug is generic, blanket term for sculptural drink ware that depict imagery from polynesia, Micronesia or Melanesia and of more recent is also used to describe mugs having anything to do with tropical, wahines, surg or other images or themes connected to the escapism and cultures those bars draw inspiration from and conjure often sold as souvenirs, tiki mugs are very highly collectable. Modern manufactures include tiki farm and Muntiki.),  puzzle mugs ( a puzzle mug is a mug which has some trick preventing normal operation. One example is a mug with multiple holes in the rim, making it impossible to drink from it in the normal way. A puzzle mug called fuddling cups consists of three mugs connected through their walls and handles. The inner holes in the mugs walls are designed in such a way that the mugs must be emptied in a unique sequence or the will drain.), Thermochromic mugs ( the themochomic mug changes appearance when a hot beverage is poured into it. These mugs are often intended as gadgets.)

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