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Cheap Color Copy

With the advent of the Xerox machine, the office and work place became a totally different place. Papers could be easily copied in black and white instead of copied in purple by a ditto machine. However as the copy machines advanced more, the demand for cheap color copy

Started to grow. When color copies were first able to be made, they were not cheap, and were often reserved for special purposes. While it is still more expensive the black and white copy, low cost color copy has become a reality.

A cheap color copy can be obtained from places like Office Max or Staples for a price slightly above that of its black and white counterpart. However they will not really offer you low cost color copies. They are good for emergencies but not practical for saving money on your print jobs. They are good for small orders and can give you a reasonable price. Self service stores will save you more money on copies especially if you have a small job.

Printers used to be small pretty delicate and simple machines. They printed things from the computer, usually in black and white, that was it. By contrast, copy machines in offices were big, bulky and complex, and usually printed in black and white. Now technology has made both home and commercial machines better.

 When both got the technology to make color copies, the price of ink saw a fairly significant increase. Color ink cartridges still run up as high as $40 according Staples, for home use. That’s pretty expensive especially as it won’t last more than a couple of months for a moderate user. Copier cartridges for commercial machines run into the hundreds, some as much as $500. This is for a machine that is used all day, every day, and hundreds of copies are made. These cartridges also do not last  too long. This means that in order to get cheap color copy it is often easier to take the job to the print shop or order online.

In the new millennium, printers were beginning to be designed with miniature built in copiers in them, paper feeder and everything. This seemed to be a way to get lower costs for prints at home. However it did not work out. As the demand for color cartridges went up, so did their prices. Now with the advent of the Internet and online shopping copy supplies can be bought at cheaper prices.

It is in fact quite hard to get cheap color copy, but the customer should not give up. Technology has driven prices down and with bulk prices and other online advantages it is possible to lower your costs. So do your price comparisons for the different companies and take advantage for large orders, when you want to place an order for color copies. Many online companies will also offer you free shipping when you place an order over a certain amount. Offline stores will also offer you bulk rates.
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